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AJ. 16. 5'5" (ish). London. Lost and invisible. Always forgotten, always second best and alone in the world.My face disgusts me and probably anyone else who looks at me so i cant even look in the mirror to bare the site of it. Loneliness scares the shit out of me, so I'm scared all the time even in a crowded room, I still feel alone. You can ask me anything I'm open to any questions people may have i wont be afraid to answer, or even if you just want to talk because you're having a bad day go ahead. I follow back most blogs. Stay strong and keep smiling guys.

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Don’t forget we have to wake up Green Day tomorrow.


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we’re starting  o v e r , we’ll head back in     there’s a time and a place to die but this  a i n ’ t  it 
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Dissociation is numbness and nothingness; it is a feeling of being lost; it is floating on a cloud that threatens to suffocate; it is automatic speech and action without awareness or control; it is looking at the world and blinking to try to remove the blurry fog; it is hearing and seeing the immediate world and simultaneously feeling very far away; it is raw fear; it is unfamiliarity in familiar places; it is possession; it is being haunted everyday by unknown monsters that can be felt but not seen (at least not by others); it is looking in the mirror and not knowing who is looking back; it is fantasy and imagination; and, above all else, it is survival. Dissociation is all of these things and none of them at once.

This is the most powerful thing I’ve ever read about Dissociation. My god, yes. Thank you.


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A Seeing Eye Dog on his first day

he knows he’s gonna do such a good job
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Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
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“The truth is that no one else could live your life. Nobody else - man or woman - could wake up and put on your shoes in the morning. Nobody else could pull it off. So own that. Cool is a lie. Cool doesn’t matter and it never did. Merely perception.”
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hmm 666



Obama was 18 once

very scary

not sure what this information means

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[panics but not in a disco sort of way]

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